In order for us to help ensure your project is constructed in compliance with the Regulations and to ultimately issue a Completion Certificate, we must perform various site inspections throughout the course of the build.

Please find below a list of the stages that we would expect to be notified of:

  • Commencement*
  • Excavations for foundation*
  • Foundation concrete*
  • Damp proof course*
  • Material Oversite*
  • Concrete Oversite*
  • Drain - when laid*
  • Drains - when tested*
  • Main structural element, whose failure would be significant (e. g. floor timbers, roof timbers, steel beams etc.) -Work relating to fire safety
  • Work affecting access and facilities for disabled people
  • Specific areas of unusual design or complexity
  • Occupation - prior to completion*
  • Completion*

\* You have a statutory duty to inform us of these stages if they apply to your application, failure to comply with the provision of statutory notices may result in legal action

How to Book

We do not impose a limit of the number of inspections that we can perform and if you book before 10:00am we will endeavor to come out that same day

We offer site inspections Monday to Friday. To book a site inspection please chose one of the following methods:

Please note

When sending an email requesting an inspection, make sure that you have received a confirmation response from us.

When emailing, please provide the following information:

  • Site Address
  • What the inspection is for
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Any other details you may deem necessary